SIXFEET is a urban clothing brand. It’s proposition is based on a perfect combination of design, fashion and art expressed in all of it’s diciplines.
It was created in 2002.

The products were born together with street culture, surf and skate, … taking a fashion profile.
The collection is wide: t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, jackets, sweat shirts, shorts, bermudas, boxers, …

The brand is trendy, with exclusive lines; creating projects like the “Art Pack”, series of t-shrits designed in collaboration with known design studios and artists for Argentina and all over the world. With participation among others of: Milo Lokket, Sebastian Acampante, Maria Bedoian, Bertone, Buffmonster, Hernan Caro, Julian Chu de Doma, DGPH, Gualicho, Guille Imscher, Mark Verhaagen, Ricardo Crespo, YOAMOLALECHE, TRIK Tito Khabie, …

Since it’s beginning SIXFEET was bound to art in it’s totality!

In addition to the t-shirts designed in collaboration with artists, SIXFEET created a line of products for the MALBA (Mueseo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires). Presenting a collection of t-shrits of artists on exhibition in the museum. As well as the official merchandising and including the Andy Warhol t-shirt.

SIXFEET’s designs are inspired in a new kind of man. It’s proposal is based on a perfect combination of design, fashion and art, expressed in all disciplines. Sixfeet’s profile is predominantly urban and cosmopolitan, inspired in the “pop art” wich emerged in 80s and 90s in major cities in the world: New York, Milan, London, Barcelona, Paris, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires.

The brand presents a multicultural, young and dynamic profile, typical of the tendency of the major capitals of the world.