Bolsas de Viaje

Bolsas de Viaje

ch, ch, ch, a question.
Would you like to join the fight for the liberation of the sparrow of the neighbourhood?

This cause, more than just, honorable and not less crazy, accompanies the projects for more than eight years. BOLSAS DE VIAJE – GORRIÓN was born!

The memories of the childhood, the afternoons in the yard, home cooked meals by grandma and never ending summer holidays are thethemes that present the brand, season by season.

BOLSAS DE VIAJE is a project of two young argentinians, that was created with the excuse to “create their own colourful universe”. And that’s what happend…

Each season gets reinvented under a new concept. Creating it’s own materials, colours, laces, brackets, linings and everything “fancy” that comes to their minds.

In a exclusive and limited way.

BOLSAS DE VIAJE is totally different to the tendencies but doesn’t turn it’s back towards the technology. In it’s latest collections, BOLSAS DE VIAJE incorporated “the modern world” with camara and notebook bags, iPhone and iPod sleeves.

BOLSAS DE VIAJE invites you to fly!